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With the ever-growing legalization of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational uses, the market for cannabis packaging is exploding. As more and more states legalize it and new dispensaries pop up, it is critical to shine the light on your brand, so it stands out from the rest and creates unique brand awareness.

CannaPacked custom designs logos, graphic art, and pertinent information making packaging for companies more appealing to attract the buyers’ attention.

CannaPacked provides licensed cannabis brands with high quality, consistent, and efficient packaging design, and printing, through a compliant yet sustainable green process.


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Safety is always a priority at CannaPacked. We take the next level of care by offering child-resistant and pet-proof packaging designs. We make sure your product follows your state's compliance laws with our compliant packaging designs.
We take pride in providing eco-friendly packaging solutions that will not harm our beloved planet. Our eco-friendly packaging design and printing do not release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere or produce toxic residues. We are constantly working to create a greener future along with our clients through the design and printing of eco-friendly packaging for products.
Our custom packaging graphics and concepts are designed to last! Unique packaging for brands is designed to protect valuable materials inside. We understand the importance of preserving your product, as cannabis tends to begin degrading as soon as it's harvested. Packaging cannabis design and printing do not interfere with packaging closure that locks in freshness.

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